Friday, January 04, 2008

Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad

We were really lucky this year, and got to have my mom and dad at our home for the week of Thansgiving. (They can last year, too, but Amy and Josh were still here, and we had the big meal at their place.) It was a lot of fun. I took the week off work and we got to spend a lot of time with them.

We went to a Museum in Denver and saw the travelling Titanic Exhibit. It was cool to see all the stuff they had from the ship. They had way more than I expected. I was really suprised how much of it was in perfect condition.

When you go in, they give you a boarding pass with a name that matches a passenger from the trip. At the end you get to find out if you lived. Kristie was the only one of us that made it in the end.

We went downtown for lunch, and I showed them the Architecture Department at UCD. Kristie took the opportunity to destroy me in Ping Pong. The best thing about eating lunch with mom and dad is that at some point during every meal my dad goes away and comes back with brownies or cookies for everybody.

Kristie and Dad eating at Noodles.

Scott and Mom. I think this was the day it got really really cold.


On Thankgiving, we made a super tasty roast, and some sides and had a fun day together, and then gorged ourselves on Kristie's desserts.

While they were here, we got the news that Grandpa Sam had passed away. This was really hard, but we are glad we could be with my mom as she tried to cope with the news. They stayed an extra week (which was great, but bittersweet because of the circumstances), and then we drove down to Lordsburg with them for the funeral. I'll write more about this in the next entry.
Kristie and I wanted to let Mom and Dad know how much fun it was to have them here for so long. We used to hang out with them alot when we were in Gilroy, and it really felt like old times again. We really love and miss them both, and I think I look forward to displaying Madame Honeydew after Dad and I win next time.