Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Barrier Reef

Here are a few pics from our trip out to Moore Reef on the great Barrier reef. It was amazing. We have some more underwater photos that we'll post when we get back.

Kristie and Wally the Maori Wrasse
Scott and Wally

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

greetings from Far North Queensland

Hola everyone. We are here safe. hope this finds you all happy and well. Pics to come.

Monday, September 01, 2008

jim and maggie visit colorado

Well, this took me way too long to post, but life has been pretty hectic around here.(Sorry Jim and maggie for making you wait too long.) We had a pretty laid back time catching up, and going a few places. (We were at the tail end of their trip to the Tetons/ Jackson Hole and Mount Rushmore, both tough acts to follow, no matter how awesome we are.) For the most part it was pretty rainy here, which was nice for us after the record heat we had in July and early August, but a bit cold for them. Here are are some picks we took from the visit. Too bad we didn't have any of Kristie's parents destroying us at disco bowling, then again, I was so pitiful its probably better not to remember. Here are a few we took at the Parade of Homes.

Kristie and Jim (nice purse.)

Kristie, Jim and Maggie

Cool little girls bedroom (for meg-o).

Awesome rubber tiles and fake grass to look like a little garden path.

Super creepy dude who stood at the end of a hallway in one of the homes. When people walked past him, he'd half whisper, "Hey, hey.... You like soft water?"After asking, he would give an inconspicuous head nod toward an unfinished storage room on his right in the picture.

It was fun having them, and hopefully it won't be as long before the next time we get to visit. Lacey was good and worn out, and misses the extra people to play with.
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