Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Little Bait

In an effort to coherse Mark and Melinda into creating a blog, I am setting a little trap. I realize it will be difficult, so I've spent some time scheming and choreographing the perfect strategy.

I am assuming that if they happen to view this entry, they'll be so mesmerized by seeing all the things they love in one place, that they'll have no choice but to join the crowd. Brilliant, isn't it?
Well, Mark and Melinda, this is for you. Enjoy.
Nice opening move, huh Mark?

Only you Indeed....

Of course you have to have a puppy... Oh and is that a bulldog? I think it is.
Karch digs. Karch blocks. Karch kills it in Sinjin's face. Karch Wins. Karch Destroys. Always. Forever.

There aren't a lot of pictures of beaver on the internet. Care to add some?

To go with all that BYU Coffee you bought.

The blog would be a perfect place to tell us about the new 2007 x-star you're getting.

And finally, Melinda could reveal what its like to live a secret double life as Darth Raider.

I think that should do it. I look forward to reading about things around the Lawrence House.

Skittles to sponser this blog?

I do like skittles (pictured above), but I don't agree with the harmful message of their advertising campaigns. I can't endorse any product that encourages people to risk almost certain ocular and/or oral injury by gazing skyward with a open mouth during a candy downpour. While skittles does have a non-lethal terminal velocity, they are still quite capable of inflicting serious, permanent injury on impact.

Please do your part by emailing skittles and asking them what they are doing to protect the world’s children. Here is the link:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mildly Organized Thoughts On An Unworthy Subject

I am back in studio, and can really only post when I am rendering, or waiting for my partner's work to finish up. That said, I'll try to get a few posts in this week. I will use this one to rant. I believe this is the best forum for a rant, because before blogs, I seldom heard the word.

My whole family is still hooked on Survivor. I liked it the first season or two, but then it got repetitive, and pretty boring. The only fun part is watching it with said family, and seeing thier reactions.

I have learned a few things since i stopped watching Survivor:

1. Don't call Dad on Thursday night. He will talk to you, but he's not really there. This applies the whole night. Not just when Survivor is on. I think he goes into Survivor anticipation zombie mode at least an hour before the show starts.

2. No one remembers that I don't watch Survivor. This puts me in an interesting position, because we are 1 hour ahead of California time. If I happen to catch a few names of contestants. I can call California just as the show ends here and say something like, "can you believe they kicked off (insert wrong name)!?!"

3. Now that CBS has cancelled Jericho. I have no use for this network. I don't watch anything else on it. That's nice, because I don't have to look lower than channel 7 on the Dish Guide to see what's on.

4. I watch too much TV, and I do it without watching many of the popular shows. I spend most of my time watching Newsradio, MASH, or Deadliest Catch.

5. Reality TV is even more formulaic than the sitcom has become, and it took far less time.

6. I'm glad I have other stuff to talk about with my family.

7. Even with all this, I still watch it when I'm in California, or at Amy's.

8. Ranting about Reality TV is not even remotely edgy, new or cool.

9. You really need at least 12 points for a quality rant.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spring Break

Kristie and I decided to get away from school/ work for a little while in April. Because flights were expensive, and Denver is so far away from everywhere, our options were a little limited. We ended up going to Santa Fe. It was fun, and relaxing, but there wasn't really much to do. It rained, hailed, and snowed. We saw the sights, did a lot of shopping, and had enough New Mexican food to last us a while.

On the way there we stopped in Trinidad, Co. which, if you didn't already know, is the Sex Change Capitol of the World. How nasty is that?

Well its nasty enough that the bathrooms have 409 instead of soap.

Also in the women's room....

Santa Fe has a law that says all new buildings have to be in Adobe. (They call it the City Different). So, even though it doesn't look like it, these pictures were taken in a lot of different places.

Scott in the street trying to get hit by a car.

Palace of Governers - Really old building (1600's), and the original rest stop jewelry lady hangout.

Self explanatory

Kristie stops to pose in one of the many many stores.

More to come....

Mom's 60th Birthday

In an effort to catch up, I'll start where I left off.

In February, I went to California with all my siblings to suprise my Mom for her birthday. Yes, I need to catch up from February. I know. It was really fun seeing everyone, and my Dad was able to suprise my mom.

Here are some of the pics we took at Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey.
Scott, Hollee, Megan (w/ Quincy), Lamy, and Mark

Lamy and Steven

G and Z

Taylor and Jordan

Hal, Lynn and the Kids

Mark, Melinda, and thier kids

Reese and Stinky Steve