Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mildly Organized Thoughts On An Unworthy Subject

I am back in studio, and can really only post when I am rendering, or waiting for my partner's work to finish up. That said, I'll try to get a few posts in this week. I will use this one to rant. I believe this is the best forum for a rant, because before blogs, I seldom heard the word.

My whole family is still hooked on Survivor. I liked it the first season or two, but then it got repetitive, and pretty boring. The only fun part is watching it with said family, and seeing thier reactions.

I have learned a few things since i stopped watching Survivor:

1. Don't call Dad on Thursday night. He will talk to you, but he's not really there. This applies the whole night. Not just when Survivor is on. I think he goes into Survivor anticipation zombie mode at least an hour before the show starts.

2. No one remembers that I don't watch Survivor. This puts me in an interesting position, because we are 1 hour ahead of California time. If I happen to catch a few names of contestants. I can call California just as the show ends here and say something like, "can you believe they kicked off (insert wrong name)!?!"

3. Now that CBS has cancelled Jericho. I have no use for this network. I don't watch anything else on it. That's nice, because I don't have to look lower than channel 7 on the Dish Guide to see what's on.

4. I watch too much TV, and I do it without watching many of the popular shows. I spend most of my time watching Newsradio, MASH, or Deadliest Catch.

5. Reality TV is even more formulaic than the sitcom has become, and it took far less time.

6. I'm glad I have other stuff to talk about with my family.

7. Even with all this, I still watch it when I'm in California, or at Amy's.

8. Ranting about Reality TV is not even remotely edgy, new or cool.

9. You really need at least 12 points for a quality rant.


The Vasquez Family said...

we aren't hooked...could take it or leave it...and you are right a good rant needs AT LEAST 12 points...keep thinking!

banananutmeg said...

We have been off Survivor since season 4...and I agree, it just got old. I do take full responsibility for getting mom and dad hooked on Big Brother and would like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance to anyone who tries to call them on a tuesday, wednesday or sunday night when the new season begins. And in case you are looking for interesting conversation material with our family...I believe everyone also religiously watches American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with The Stars, Grease, America's Got Talent, Desperate Housewives, Top Model, The Apprentice, Martha's Apprentice, The Bachelor, Deal or No Deal, 1 vs 100, Cold Case, CSI, CSI Miami, and American Inventor. Not to mention the 24 hour Fox News update.

Unfortunately there just "isn't any time" left to watch cool shows like The Office. But then, who am I to judge them-I watch Greys Anatomy.