Wednesday, December 31, 2008

how I will remember this year

When so much has changed in our nation, it isn't easy to pick out a single thing that I will remember 2008 for. We are in the midst of massive financial turmoil and the economy is sputtering to a halt. After a summer with gas prices over $4.00 gave way to a winter that had seen them drop below $1.40, we are all left to wonder what's going on around us.

We are undoubtedly at a crossroads in our understanding of the world we share; a tranformative moment in our approach to energy and resource management, the rights of individuals, our collective place in the world community, and our relationships with our past mistakes.

We have seen great achievement, and great loss. Events like the Olympics in Beijing called our attention in a very clear way to both our individual and collective capacity, and our underestimated ability to deny what shames us.

We've seen some divides widen (Sarah Palin did so much to break down old and outdated rural/ female stereotypes, didn't she?), and others begin to mend (do I really need to say?)

In light of all this volatility and transition, you might expect a few noteworthy items to slip by unnoticed. It's only natural. However, I would be remisced if I were to let one item pass by unnoticed. This summer, when the news was consumed with stories of foreclosure, recession, Obama-mania, and who was going to be on the next season of "Dancing with the Stars," something changed in America.

I'm talking, of course, about Nectarines.

Somewhere around June, this:

Became this:

Um, What?! So we're just going grapefruit size with everything, now? Is that the plan? Agricultural scientists haven't been able to crack the code of making the pit separate cleanly from the fruit, but making the thing 3 times bigger happened over night? I get that there were other things going on, but you would think at least one or two of questions at the presidential debates might have been focused on this. At the very least, a segment on Dateline was in order.

Again, for reference...

If I sound incensed, it's because I am! One of our more cherished food-stuffs was hijacked and no one seems to have noticed. We're not talking about the pluot, the kiwi fruit, or some lame-ass wanna-be like the cherry tomato. This is the nectarine. The silent shepherd of the sapling sea. The pre-pubescent peach. Smooth like a plum, but without all the attitude, this titan of tangy is no flirt. It won't tease you along like that tramp, the clementine orange, only to leave you a few days into the new year. The nectarine is a robust, full-bodied fruit that doesn't take a backseat to anyone. I say we need to leave it alone.

So, you tell me... are we going to go through another year of focusing on trivial issues like the disastrous effects of mortgage-backed securities, the important steps we are taking to correct eight years of ruinous foreign policy, or how to transition a 20th century workforce into the emerging economy of the 21st century. Are we going to ignore the issue until all the members of the drupe family are abnormally large? Is this what we want?

Maybe it is... that actually seems kind of sweet. Nevermind.

As for next year, Let's have hope that it brings us more humility, resolve, and restraint.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Steamboat Christmas

I know its a few days late, but we just got back, and I didn't want to miss the chance to say Merry Christmas to my hoards of readers.

The weather was good, so we drove up to Steamboat to see my folks. We stopped at the top of Rabbit Ears Pass to take a few pics.

My parents showed us around town, and we took a few photos...

The girls in the back of mom and dad's car.

Across a valley filled with vacations homes.

My new favorite salon name.

A little Christmas display in one of the shops on main street.

One tough Hombre

Christmas Morning...

Opening presents...

Christmas Dinner

The Roast - Kristie Approved.

What you get when dad cuts the roast.

Mmmm... rolls.

Mom and Dad... Every time we walked into a store, someone would make a comment about them looking so nice, or being overdressed. You two really are the best lookin' couple in town...

Unless its these two... ahh, to be young and in love.

More photos....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SWAP-OFF!!!!!!! TAKE 1

Good evening.

Welcome to the biggest moment of your life. Why is this moment so defining? Well, before this post if done, you will face a fork in the road.

Down one path... despair and regret.
Down the other... glory. hope. maybe even lust.

How do you achieve all these dreams? You'll be mildly surprised to know that all it takes is moxie. The type of moxie that makes you trade something awesome and desirable for this:

POW!!!! That's right. One red toy car, and, count em'... 12345. FIVE HAZELNUTS!

They could be yours, and something better could be mine. Think about it... Do you want something of yours that is awesome, or something of mine that will make you cool?

I'm not going to make it easy, either. I have fancy artistic photography, nostalgia, and whimsy on my side... Check out this sexy shot:

Still not convinced?!! Well, feast on this:

Start making offers, but remember, I need to trade very soon, like as soon as you can possibly get this to me. Best offer wins... Others will have to wait.

... I am in a swap-off super swapping battle with Mr Zeke-a-saurus Tex, and only have 30 days to swap stuff. If you miss out this time, there will be more opportunities. Thanks for your support. You are cool. Not as cool as me, but still cool - If you make an offer.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

buh- rrrrrr!

Just a short post here. I am watching the news. Its -15 outside, -36 with the windchill. Yesterday it was 61.

I took Lacey out earlier, and thought it was cold enough that she should have her sweater on. It didn't matter much, because got about halfway through our usual route when she pooped, then sat down and started whimpering and crying. I had to pick her up and put her inside my coat for the walk back home. Poor little thing.

Friday, December 12, 2008

winter in colorado

just a taste of the good times here.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

stuff you should know about stuff that is awesome

Its been a while, but you favorite regular feature here at Items Deemed Adequate for Print is back.

Today we bring you the people who brought you the hits. Of course you already know who I'm talking about. I don't even got to say it. You're already already popping and locking even without the track startin up. If you got an expensive hat on, now is the time to remove it. Better do it now, because this groove is about to explode your dome.

So, don't be shy.
Turn up the volume, and grab a friend or two, and get to it.....

Cause there's a Meeting in the Ladies Room.