Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Little Bait

In an effort to coherse Mark and Melinda into creating a blog, I am setting a little trap. I realize it will be difficult, so I've spent some time scheming and choreographing the perfect strategy.

I am assuming that if they happen to view this entry, they'll be so mesmerized by seeing all the things they love in one place, that they'll have no choice but to join the crowd. Brilliant, isn't it?
Well, Mark and Melinda, this is for you. Enjoy.
Nice opening move, huh Mark?

Only you Indeed....

Of course you have to have a puppy... Oh and is that a bulldog? I think it is.
Karch digs. Karch blocks. Karch kills it in Sinjin's face. Karch Wins. Karch Destroys. Always. Forever.

There aren't a lot of pictures of beaver on the internet. Care to add some?

To go with all that BYU Coffee you bought.

The blog would be a perfect place to tell us about the new 2007 x-star you're getting.

And finally, Melinda could reveal what its like to live a secret double life as Darth Raider.

I think that should do it. I look forward to reading about things around the Lawrence House.


banananutmeg (c/o scott) said...

Accidentally deleted this one from Mego.

"you know, of course, that everyone in our family has come up with really witty, sarcastic comments when they saw this post, but have avoided posting them because cynical comments are the probably the reason Mark and Melinda have not yet made a blog.
We hope they take to bait."

The Vasquez Family said...

i hope they take the bait...if not i will just continue to post pictures of them and their children on my own. i love that you and Meg post on your if we could just get the other 2 sibs to follow suit we will be in business. word on the street is that mom and dad have a blog now...any sightings?