Thursday, June 28, 2007

Skittles to sponser this blog?

I do like skittles (pictured above), but I don't agree with the harmful message of their advertising campaigns. I can't endorse any product that encourages people to risk almost certain ocular and/or oral injury by gazing skyward with a open mouth during a candy downpour. While skittles does have a non-lethal terminal velocity, they are still quite capable of inflicting serious, permanent injury on impact.

Please do your part by emailing skittles and asking them what they are doing to protect the world’s children. Here is the link:

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The Vasquez Family said...

LOVE it...and i am glad you posted this for everyone to see...i have been laughing about it ever since i suggested it for you myspace layout...which i still think you should do...with the disclaimer of course!