Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Looking Forward

While taking summer studio has put a damper on a things a bit, we're still trying to fit some fun into summer. I got us tix to see Cirque to Soleil (spelling?) in a few weeks, and Kristie's parents will be here in mid July. Then, in August (15th - 18th), we're heading out California to take a little mini-vacation. It will be fun to see friends and family and play tourist for a few days. So, if you're still in california, and want to see us, let us know.

On the catching up front.... School has been no fun at all these last few months. I am going to get some images up from studio so ya'll can see what I do, and where I kick it 24/7 during the semester. Kristie is still working in accounting, and hopefully I'll be making some money soon, and she can take time to explore what she really wants to do. I feel pretty guilty about going back to school, because it means she has had to stay in the field way beyond when she should have had to. Oh well. Hopefully, the future will bring brighter things.

Speaking of brighter things, we are beginning to get the baseement started. While she patiently waits for me to begin framing walls, Kristie has been pianting the stairway down to the basement, and decorating it some. Every night I come home, take out the dog, and then go check out the things she's done. It looks pretty good... especially since she's never done stuff like faux painting before. My favorite part was coming home, and seeing the rails removed from the stairs. I've got one handy little woman. I'm going to take some pics tonight and put them up, cause I'm so proud.

I get to do a few things on the honey-do list this week. For the last two weeks, a new porch light has been sitting on the front step as a reminder that I need to install it. I think there are about a dozen similar jobs just waiting for my attention.

Thats it for now. More to come.

- Scott


Elena said...

Yay, Cirque de Soleil! You are going to love it. Can't wait to see pics of your house projects

banananutmeg said...

Congrats on starting your basement! You will love not having to freeze while you fish through the dryer for a pair of socks in the morning. Be sure to wait until everything else is finished before you carpet the stairs...drywall is messy. I plan on coming with the girls to denver when amy and josh are sealed to stinky steven...let me know if you want any help with projects while I'm there, I'll be available!

The Vasquez Family said...

i love home improvments...way fun!! and yes you do have a handy little lady there...i love your wife!