Thursday, July 19, 2007

Join the Cause!

As many of you are already aware, I am a champion for the repressed and downtrodden. This may cause a wave of comments in confirmation and adulation for me, but I ask you to refrain, and instead lend your voices to a cause that is closer to my heart than most. Yes, even closer than the millions of other causes lodged in my arteries so deeply that I regularly black out due to my own goodness.

I recently heard about a young child living in such horrible conditions that her sister was forced to sit still in one area, lest she fall upon razor blades, nails and other such items. As if seeing her sister suffer weren't enough, she was regularly subjected to dictatorial regime of her own mother. I can not describe the horror better than the word of the mother herself, so I invite you to click on the link below.

If the visual imagery of the piece above was too strong for you, I apologize. That said, I'm sure you'll agree that the treatment of Reese Williardson goes beyond the normal boundaries of parental discretion.

I say Megan Willardson must be stopped. I say Megan Willardson must provide the rewards that were promised, or compensation in like kind. I say Four Potties, Four Prizes!

Four Potties, Four Prizes!
Four Potties, Four Prizes!

I ask you to join me in the call for justice. Let your voice lend reason to this madness.

Tell Megan, "No Longer!" No Longer should children be forced to toil without just compensation. No Longer must tears be shed over excretions made in vain. No Longer should Mermaid sisters be plucked from the arms of our children without due process.

NO LONGER, We say!

We'll must take this message to the streets. We must tell our friends and neighbors. Brothers and Sisters must unite as one voice to say, "Megan Willardson, you horrid beast, THIS WILL NOT STAND!!! FREE THOSE PRIZES!!!"



banananutmeg said...

never fear uncle scott. It WAS in vain...the pushover husband of evil dictator megan spent ONE evening alone with reese and as a result I cleaned poop out of a pair of reese's cinderella underwear this morning. He was shocked to discover that the sneaky distribution of un-justified potty prizes would have such an immediate negative effect on the progress of her potty use. All i could do to reconcile him in a way he would understand was shake my finger at him and say. "you know something? No more poop for you!" Now that i once again have control over my subjects I must quickly come up with a new potty training technique for tomorrow to make up for lost potty progress...any suggestions? It is not easy as it sounds to teach someone to poop on command you know.

Scott said...

Oh, Excuses. Excuses.

She tries to justify her actions through scapegoating and lies.

If it were so hard, would I have had my little one using the restroom in the desired manner after only 3 weeks, and at the age of 4 months? I don't think so. The treat system works, if it is used properly.

Oh, and about this husband... Who's to say he even exists. You know some females devour thier mates after childbirth. Makes ya think... thats all I'm saying.

The Vasquez Family said...

ok so i am now potty training my puppy. any tips? i mean i don't think a care bear will work and so far we have only had one accident and it was in reality Paul's fault. (one cannot rush a proper potty when going outside...and then come in before the potty happens...or there is pee on tha carpet)so i am training over the potty training 100%.