Saturday, August 23, 2008

our precious planet

its time to take a long hard look into our backyards america. The prodominence of rainbows is the growing every day, and we can stop it if we would only....... um..... water at night?


Mamarazzi said...

"what the hell is going on?!?"

my favorite part it the very end of the video where she misspells constitutional (constituional)

pure awesome!

(someone failed 4th grade science, me thinks)

Big Daddy said...

Whatever! You know that was not Northern California. If that wasn't Arkansas then I am a flying billy goat. I think we are seeing the beginning of a new revolution in philosophy and science - The Toothless Renaissance.

Recuerde, si la leche huele mal, marque la fecha, sólo podría ser.
Always good advice.

banananutmeg said...

wow. wow. WOW.

I think she does raise one bit of suspicion. what exactly IS in the air she's been inhaling?
Frankly, I'm more disappointed with her dealer. She should have started seeing rainbows a looong time ago.
I mean, these type of people are usually pretty strung out by the time they get to the "blame everything on the government, big-brother is watching phase" perhaps she's just an early bloomer.

Michelle said...

THAT was definitely deemed adequate for print. Hilarious!! Thank you.