Friday, October 03, 2008

Home at last

Hey everyone. We made it back. So, if you were planning a break-in, you'll have to wait til we go to work, now. (and remember, no shoes on the carpet, jerkface.)

We took lots of pics and made tons of great memories. Our week together in North Queensland was the obvious highlight of the trip, but Kristie had a great time in Sydney, while I was at class in New Zealand. (The class was pretty incredible, too).

I will post some pics in the next day or so. It's late, though.


Mamarazzi said...

YAY!! welcome home! i can't wait to see pics and read all about your trip!

Barrett, Mindy, and Angel Trinity Adams said...

Welcome home you two! So glad you both had a wonderful time! I'm anxious to see the pics! We love you guys!

Garlic Boy said...

Will you please come over tonight and present a travelogue for FHE? Did I hear that some very special people are moving to Colorado?

Garlic Boy said...

New post! New Post! New Post! New Post! New Post! New Post! New Post! New Post! New Post! New Post! I didn't use cut and paste to do that. That's how serious I am.