Wednesday, May 27, 2009

and we're back

I am an incredible person.

While this fact doesn't explain my absence over the last month, it should provide an answer to the overwhelming sense of joyous elation you are feeling upon my return. Now, I don't want to embarrass you by dwelling any further on your blushing adoration, so I will simply say thank you, and move on...

First off, I want to welcome Aaron and Meg-o's little boy, Corbin, to the world. I can't wait to meet you and start telling you lies. I predict you will be five when you first ask your mom, "Is there something 'wrong' with uncle Scott?"

Second, I graduated. Finally. No more school for me.

If there is any testament to my awesomeness, it is in the astounding numbers to be found on my transcripts. Most people can only hack it in school until they are 22 or 23. Try 32. I withstood the rigors of the education system long enough to get 3 or 4 degrees, but not wanting to seem greedy, I only accepted 2.

Oh, you have two degrees too? Really? That's nice, I suppose.... How many schools let you in while you were earning those degrees? 1? 2? Maybe even 3? ...well, that's not to shabby, but it ain't 6, so maybe you should stop gloating. They weren't all big state schools that accept every half-literate imbecile, either. I've been to several small regional colleges that are good enough to get you in and out in 2 years.

"2 years?!!" you say? Yes. 2 Years. The statistics are staggering, I know... and yet I did these schools one better, often attending sporatically for as little as a single semester. I say learning is like dinner at a fine dining establishment. It should start slowly and then last forever, until you ultimately are gorged beyond capacity.

I will post more next time about graduation... I have pictures, and there is a lot I want to add.


Mamarazzi said...


congrats, we love you and miss your presence here and on our blog.

banananutmeg said...

Go Lakers!

banananutmeg said...

um that was aaron.


AdamD said...

Your blog should bone down on AJ's blog and make a baby. That'd be one funny baby.

hfl said...

And to think that Kristie endured to the end is also amazing. We love you and are so proud of our little graduate!

Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

YAY FOR GRADUATION SCOTTY!!!! Now go have fun in Mexico...just stay away from the Swine Flu! LOVE YOU GUYS!

jason eggers said...

You've nearly inspired me to go back to school. I've found a great 17 yr program in Sedation Weldory that spans 12 community colleges and one trade school. Class of 2026!! But really -- Congrats on graduation Scott; I'm super proud of you! I wish we could have shared Maui with you guys to celebrate... Instead I'll eat a pluot today in your honor. (I loves me some good pluot.)

Anonymous said...

Getting things done is not always what is most important. There is value in allowing others to learn, even if the task is not accomplished as quickly, efficiently or effectively.

-R.D. Clyde

Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.

-Robert Schuller