Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Great White North

Thornton is on a record pace for snow. We've already passed the annual average, and the snowiest months haven't even started yet. Here are some pics from the first two blizzards.

This is what normal snow looks like here. We usually get this type about 5 times a year. This is the first weekend since December that we haven't have this much fresh snow on the ground.

This is our house on the night of the first blizzard. It took Kristie Like 4 hours to get home from work (normally like 25 min.)

Another night shot from our house.

The next morning (about 2 more inches fell after this was taken.)

It's a good thing Lacey is so light, or she would have sunk a lot deeper than this. Now, look at that picture, and tell me we don't have the cutest little dog in the world.

As noted many times on this blog and others, Kristie is super cool. On top of this, she is a total babe, and a superb snow shoveller.

I helped, too.

I went on a walk, and this was about the average from the first blizzard. 6 days later we got another foot, and since then we've had about 30 more inches. I am totally sick of the snow.

Wherever you are, I hope it's nice and warm.


The Vasquez Family said...

i am soooooooooo glad i live in CALIFORNIA!! i could never survive so much whiteness...this is also why i live in Ceres...i am the only whiteness in town!!

Lynn said...

gee your dog has to be the cutest thing ever. way cuter than my other grandkids.

Quincy said... said...

Umm...have you seen my sister? She's a "barbie princess", you know.

Scott said...

Aren't we all?