Thursday, March 01, 2007

The OC

Well, it seems the OC has been dropped. I, for one, will remember it fondly. Luckily, I have been printing out and memorizing the written transcripts. It is disappointing that they never aired a single one of the episodes that I sent in. If any of you have suggestions for how I could fill the 8pm-9pm Thursday night timeslot, please send them.

Goodbye Seth, Summer, Marisa, Ryan, Sandy, Kristen, Caleb, Julie, Bullet, Frank, Oliver, Johnny, Luke, Taylor, Marisa's lesbian lover, Ryan's unresolved illegitimate child, Teresa, Tre, Volchek, Mr. Roberts, Jimmy Cooper, Capt. Oats and Princess Sparkle, Che, Pancakes, Ryan's super slutty stalker Rebecca, Daryl the homeless guy, Sadie, The Nana, Anna, Hailey, and Zach. I love and miss you all. Caitlin, I will hate you forever for what you did to Lucy.

That is all.


The Vasquez Family said...

poor Scott....i am sure it will be available on DVD soon.

Garlic Boy said...

Radical! I'm glad I remembered your blog today. I have two dirt bikes in my garage. We're going camping over the next holiday weekend. Come fishing with us. Only an hour outside of C/S up past Florissant off of Hwy 24. I'll be using the legendary pole from the "Josh's Knee" campout.

Tami Palmer said...

I have a great idea for you! Fill your Thursday nites with Buffy: Seasons 3,5 and part of 7; Angel: Seasons 4 & 5; Veronica Mars: 1-2; and we have really enjoyed Lost, but you have to start at the beginning and not miss any episodes! Hey, I haven't heard you were coming to the reunion--what's up with that!? Guess you'll have to come on your own! Love your guts, Your Favorite Aunt (Tami)