Monday, December 24, 2007

Chartres Cathedral vs Victoria's Secret

So I am struggling to finish up grading the last few essays of the semester when I come across the following statement.

[This was written in summarization of a discussion of French High Gothic Cathedrals]... "The portal like the interior made an attempt to become as thin and skeletal as possible. It seems as though Gothic architects tried to achieve the same things as modern day 'supermodels.' "

This is amazing to me. This is a super hard class with a no-nonsense instructor with a reputation for failing people. This alone should be reason to think twice. Worse yet, it isn't funny. I might have let a good joke slide.

Worst of all, though.... it isn't even right. Ouch.


banananutmeg said...

I think it's funny.
But i also laughed when soda came came out a guy's nose at the airport last week, so I guess I'm easily entertained.

TheVasquez3 said...


ok go to my blog for guitar hero goodness!


Scott said...

Ok. Now that I reread it... it was kind of funny. In my defense... it was like 45 out of 50 essays in a 3 day period.... nothing is funny at that point. Especially not when you really want to read good work and give out passing grades, but neither thing is happening. The essay really did suck, though. Bad.