Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An Honest Fight

As long as the "must be present to win" rule is out the window, (and I haven't hear official word on that yet) I am perfectly willing to enter the race.

Today's campaign is all about soundbites. You have to get your message out quickly, and in a way that hits THE key points. Most importantly, in todays media saturated world of instant fact checking, you have to be honest.

What message do I want to communicate? Simple. Kristie and I are the ONLY ethically sound choices. Just look at the facts:

Megan has produced two kids, but one of them is Megan II. I say that's a push.

Paul gets up after everyone leaves for the day and switches out the wrappers on the Atkin's, Zone and LA weightloss bars with Kudos.

Josh's fantasy football team is much better maintained than the interior of his car.

Melinda trained a colony of bees and then sicked them on her own dog.

For her own health and safety, Hollee's skin can't come into contact with anything related to nuts. Giving her the box might be misconstrued by the an overzealous DA as an attempt on her life.

Aaron wears Abercrombie and Fitch. Please visit this link, and then come to your own conclusions about whether that is appropriate.

Mark put in a tennis court so he would have a reason to wear all those white skirts he keeps in the back of his closet. (That is, when he bothers to wear anything at all.)

While mom and dad were in Colorado the DVR broke. Amy taped over the only copy of Christmas 82' so she could watch Oprah and Dr. Phil after she got home from work.

Scott and Kristie set a good example and are loyal friends to all.


TheVasquez3 said...

ok you most def have MY vote.

banananutmeg said...

what?! That's crap! You can't GIVE them your vote!!! It's an ALMOND box...not WALNUT box. Totally safe (except for the part where DCONN was sprinkled on it during the '87 rodent infestation.) And besides...let's say mom and dad DON'T throw out the Must be present to win rule. YOU and Paul both have pretty good chances of getting the box this year, HolleeAnn. It will be between you guys and Mark and Melinda. It certainly can't go to the Oelrich's AGAIN...it hasn't been out of their hands in 4 YEARS!
Maybe Kristie will get it...That's why you guys REALLY all got Dad the nano...so you could download subliminal messages for him to listen to while he sleeps. You may have them in the sleep department, but let's face it...when mom and dad go to place that box under the tree they will be thinking of ME, because I am the one who put it (all 6) of them together.
Don't sell yourself short HolleeAnn...put up a fight or you will be looking at a huge grin on Josh's face as he opens the Almond box and pulls out (yet another) copy of Michael McClains' Forgotten Carols and begins his victory song (with Amy harmonizing in the background).