Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For me from you

As all of you know, my birthday is coming up next week. Don't get too excited, though, because you won't be getting anything. I like to switch things up, so for MY birthday, I will be GETTING presents, from YOU, and not visa versa. I want to be surprised so I wont put a big long list here. I'm not a total jerk, though so I wont leave you hanging there wondering what in the world to get me. I like fantastic and wonderful things, but they need to be useful, as well. And don't just pick the first thing you come across, either. Today manufacturers are trying new spins on old ideas that vastly improve upon the original. For example, you might be tempted to get me one of these.

Very nice, right? WRONG!! look at those bristles. you can't get ritz crumbs out with a soft horse hair tip like that! Try this instead...

See what I mean? The bristles are short and stiff, and are arranged in a manner to allow for deeper, more effective digging. And as a plus, its small size makes it perfect for the gal on the go.

So, 4/17.... Remember the date, and I want good cards, too, so don't skimp.

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TheVasquez3 said...

you make me LAUGH!! i love you Scotty, i hope your birthday is AWESOME!