Saturday, April 19, 2008

anyhow, its news of sorts in a way

We are still in the figuring out stages, but I got some good news a bit back. I've been accepted into a residential design studio in New Zealand this September.The program is a week-long live-in studio taught by 4 well-known architects from both Australia and New Zealand. I'll be studying with 31 other practitioners and students from around the world. The studio is at a lodge in a national park, and the only way to get there is via a small boat, followed by wading to the beach and a short hike up to the lodge. It should be quite an adventure.

If you want to learn more, go to, and then click on the New Zealand class link. I'm also applying for the Murcutt Master Class next July, so wish me luck there.

It's going to be fun, intimidating, amazing and probably quite hard. In the words of my boss at Studio C, "this is a great honor." Actually, I am quite thrilled and honored to have been chosen, and as soon as we can figure out the cash and details for the trip, I imagine I'll be sending in my acceptance letter. Hopefully we'll be able to afford Kristie going with me. She wants to see Sydney, so our plan right now is for us both to fly there, and then me to the fly to NZ for the class, and then we'll go up to the great barrier reef for a week together after I get back. We'll see how it goes with organizing all the flights, schedules and funds. More details as they come, andif any of the two or so people who read this have been, we're taking whatever advise we can get.


TheVasquez3 said...

Scotty. this is amazing. how have i not already heard about this?! what an incredible opportunity for you...and yes an honor indeed.

if you can do it, most def make it a trip for you and Kristie. try and travel as much as you can before you have kids. it would be awesome for her to go with you and share in the experience. and a week on the end of it would be RAD!

wow. this is amazing. awesome. i am so proud of wow.

thanks for coming by and dropping a few styling tips on me...much appreciated.

Paul is well. he went back to work tonight for the first time since his "episode" VERY scary. but he is fine and that is good.

Elena said...

Congrats, Scott! This sounds like a fabulous opportunity and a wonderful excuse to do some fancy vacationing as well :) I can't wait to hear more about it!!

p.s. I put your names in the Baby Grover suggestion box. ;)

Three Bills said...

Sounds awesome scott! Be sure to follow the clues on exile island to the hidden immunity idol. I am sure you will do great!
By the by, Happy Birthday!

Breanne said...

Hi Scott- It was great to hear from you. The only thing I really remember about you was that you always called me "Bre Bre". I can't believe you remember Justin's birthday, yes it is on Thursday. (I have been having a hard time remembering it. My grandma reminded me yesterday and then you today you did. Thankyou I am going to DC for a week and need to get a card to him before I leave today.)My dad does look the same. Since he was called to be bishop a couple of years ago he is more gray but besides that he's the same. I hope I get that gene as I get older!! :) Well, talk to you soon. -Breanne

TheVasquez3 said...

SCOTT:'s suppose to say " better thanK God for that" sheeeesh!! it will not let me edit since the votes are all in...bummer. i HOPE everyone else read the POST and knows what the poll is REALLY suppose to say!!

YIKES! Ain't nobody better than God!

Toast Habit said...

It is very apparent to me that you must either grow a wicked sweet beard or have a stylish doo to be successful in this program. The last time I checked, your locks were not long or unkempt enough and a beard was non-existent. Get the lead out, that is all. Congrats.