Monday, March 16, 2009

Stuff you should know about stuff that is awesome

This one is short and simple.

If you have kids, and you like them. You should get these paintings.
If you don't have kids, and are cool, you should get there paintings.
If you have kids, and want them to think you got art for them, but its really for you, you should get these paintings.

Because these are awesome. I just saw them like 5 minutes ago, and I'm not so sure I don't want em' for myself. I don't have kids, but I am awesome.

Here is the link:

Seriously, these will not last... you do love your kids, right?

PS: This is truly awesome stuff.

1 comment:

banananutmeg said...

it would be MORE awesome if the dinosaur was SMILING as he was about to brush his teeth. But they really are pretty cute. The triceratops needs to toughen up. That boo-boo isn't big enough to justify tears.