Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've never seen anything with him in it.

While taking a quiz from Dave's blog, I found this and couldn't resist. Here are my predictable? results.

You looove him. You really loooove him. You might've missed a question or two, but you never would have scored this well without the help of that special spot in your heart where you store Zac facts. You probably get angry whenever someone spells his name wrong (you definitely got it right when you spelled it out in glow in the dark stars on your ceiling), and you're tired of explaining to people that he can actually sing. You are so passionate about this guy that you're probably about to take the quiz again to see if you can get a higher score. Go for it!


Jordan said...

Uncle Scott,

I took the quiz and it said I kinda like Zac Efron. Gabriella and Sharpay from the movie best. He is too old for me anyways. He and Vannessa Hutchens are already dating too. I am going to see HSM on ice October 20th. It is going be fun and my BFF Emma gets to come.


rob*sheena*jonah*lucy said...

Hi. I must say after all the cat fighting at youknowwhatI'mtalkingabout.com (which I'm still trying to understand), your comment was definatley the best. Thanks for the compliment, and having the consideration to remove it when things went awry....hopefully next time our paths cross it will be on a better note.

and give it up for a guy who's not ashamed to admit "whoa, he like totally loves zac efron." be proud.