Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let's Pretend

.... that it is June, and Kristie and I got back from our vacation today. Actually, today would be one year since we got back from New England... so I'm not too far off. Sort of.

Wow what a whirlwind trip. We just got back and I feel like I need another trip already. This was the first time I've been to Florida, and Kristie hasn't been there since she was a super little kid (she was born there.) We came away totally impressed, but not so much that we'll ever move there. I generally say no to tropical storms, constant steaminess, and reptiles that eat family pets and small children if they are left unsupervised in the back yard.

We flew all the way out to Orlando, and where did we end up first? Tony Roma's. the Buffet is great if you haven't been. That night though, we had an odd Gilroy moment. We go to Chevy's for dinner, because we haven't been there since moving to Colorado (and we miss the pre-chewed mound of cornmeal stuff the give you with your meal.) and we see this outside the front door:

I'm sure other ex-gilroyans will tell you, that place follows you. When we moved into our first apartment here, there were pictures of Gilroy on the walls in the Clubhouse.

Ok, so we stayed at this really cool place that I have to give credit to Amy for because we got an incredible deal on it through thier vacation club thing, and it was awesome. I need to find the pictures we took of it, and I'll post em. Here is the only one I can find right now.

We totally tried to do nothing on our trip, but there was way too much stuff to try out. Still, we managed to spend the first two days hanging out around the pools, and getting to know Orlando. This place is basically the exact opposite of any other place we've been. We didn't eat in any little family owned restaraunts, and I didn't drag Kristie from famous building to famous building.
Even so, I think one of our favorite memories from the trip will be our regular trips to a coffee shop we found the first day we were there. It's called BAD ASS COFFEE, and by the end of the trip, Kristie was super addicted to it. I managed to find something there that tasted like candy every time we went. This place also had AWESOME cookies, and you know how that goes.

We went to Epcot first, because we read the books on when to go where, and they are totally right. We walked on to almost every ride... and then we spent the afternoon walking through the different countries.
This is the photo we will eventually use to "prove" to our "kids" that we really did "take them" to Disneyworld.

Our goal is to one day visit all the Eiffel Tower Replicas in the World.

Finding Nemo is Awesome. The Finding Nemo Ride is cool. Finding Nemo should have won Best Picture. I am one handsome fellow.
Shortly after this was taken, I was propositioned by several passing US Servicemen. Don't laugh. They ended up paying for most of our trip. Well, $4.72 of it at least.

The next day we went to Cocoa Beach, FL to relax and play in the water. This supposedly the surfing capitol of the world, and I believe it. The waves were big, and the rip tide was just crazy. The water was way warmer than anything I'm used to, being from CA.

If it looks like the beach just keeps going and going, that's because it does.... for like 70 miles.

In case you all wondered what I would look like with my mom's hair. Pretty, Huh?

The next day we took our sunburns to Magic Kingdom (aka Disneyland).

To get there, you take a ferry from the parking lot.

In front of Cinderella's Castle.

Guess who bought pirate swords for Amy's Boys?!! (I'm told it only took 5 minutes for Parker to come up from the basement crying in pain. Tyler followed behind him shouting apologies, and insistent pleas about it being an accident.)

Kristie loves Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

When Scott was 10, he fell out of his bunk bed. Upon landing, he smashed his nose into a lego. Consequently, he spent 45 minutes moving this thing "to a place where it can't hurt anyone ever again."

This was just before "the incident." I'm sure she didn't mean to hit that kid, but she has to admit that repeated ramming into him after he fell, then getting out and yelling "Quit Crying, You $*%# baby!" probably had something to do with our being asked to leave the park.

More to come...


Paul*HolleeAnn*Jordan said...

ok you look fantastic with mom's hair...and i am pretty sure i would love any place called "bad ass coffee"...and i love that you got Amy's boys swords, brave, very brave...and the fact the Kristie got y'all kicked out of a theme park makes me love her even more than i already did...road rage...awesome!

can't wait to see more...i will be checking your blog every 3 minutes instead of every 5 minutes so i am not the last one to view them...i have a thing about being first!

Elena said...

It sounds like your FL vacation was awesome! I loved the pics, the stories, and I hope when you say "more to come" you mean later this week, and not in 2008 :) When's your next trip!??!

Jordan said...

Uncle Scott,

Did you really move that giunt Lego? Were you at Lego Land? I want to go there.

I love you


Jordan said...

Aunt Kristie,

Did you really run over a little kid? I think Uncle Scott is just joking. I wanted to check.

I love You


Paul*HolleeAnn*Jordan said...

LOL...i just read what Jordan wrote...she was poking around meg's page "looking at my cute cousins" and asked if she could leave comments. i said, "as long as they aren't 'sassy' (in a bad way) sure, knock yourself out!!"

OMGoodness! i am cracking up because i can actually HEAR her asking Kristie if she really ran over the kid...and just checking...i love that kid...of course i am TOTALLY bias!!

Scott said...


Nah, I was just posing like that. I did fall out of my bed onto a lego, though. It left a bruise on my nose that looked like this:


My parents had to take me to the emergency room.

No, we were at the Lego Store at Disneyworld. The had lots of huge statues of things made out of
Legos, so it was kind of like Legoland. Pretty cool.

I love you too.