Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stuff you should know about stuff that is awesome.

We had a 187 at the 7-11, at the corner of 4th and Main." Ok. This is the first in a series of entries about stuff. Awesome stuff. Our initial subject:


What's to know about Cop Rock?
a. aired in 1990. Lives on in my soul.
b. filmed in the same town as Savannah Smiles
c. gritty crime drama
d. singing and dancing


Paul*HolleeAnn*Jordan said...

i am never going to get those 3 minutes and 45 seconds back am i?

that really aired on A&E?!?

all i can say is...wow.


Scott said...

No. That aired on ABC. And it was their most hyped show of the year. At the time, cop rock had the biggest production budget on TV. That's why it was so extra awesome.

Garlic Boy said...

That does it. Your blog is now in a league of its own. How is it possible that I didn't know about that show? Scott! THAT WAS AWESOME.