Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last month, we got news that our close friends Mindy and Barrett Adams lost their 5 yr old daughter, Trinity, on September 16th, so we got some flights and flew out for the funeral.

We have known Trinity since just a few hours after she was born, and she went through a lot in her short life, so it was especially hard news to take, and there was a lot of crying. The funeral was really nice (one of the most light-hearted I've ever been to, or at least as far as funerals go.), and it was good to be there for Barrett and Mindy. (Mindy and Kristie were each other's Maid and Matron of honor, and have been best friends since high school. Scott has known Mindy since they were like 11, and Barrett since they were in high school.)

We spent some time with them after the funeral, and talked about Trinity. She was born with a severe heart defect called Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome. I'll likely butcher the details, so go to for the details. Basically, though, it's fatal without a complicated and risky series of open heart surgeries at 3 different stages in childhood. She spent months in the hospital, and in her first two plus years, she suffered, and overcame, way more than anyone should ever have to in thier entire life. Her parents suffered right along side her, but eventually were able to see her come home and live a life outside the hospital. She spent her last 3 years learning and playing, learning to talk and dance and walk. She got to play with her cousins, go to Disneyland, Hawaii, and lots of zoos and other fun places. She never was made to feel different, unwanted, or inferior. She lived a life where everything and everyone was her friend.

We'll miss seeing her grow up, and we wish we could have been there for the happy times, but it was good to know that the helpless little baby we knew from before we moved to Colorado was able to grow into a happy little girl.

Barrett, Mindy and Trinity

Scott, Kristie, Barrett, Mindy, and Rich at Mimi's in Gilroy the day after the Funeral. Rich is Mindy's Brother, and he dedicated the grave. He also made a really nice temporary headstone.


Elena said...

I'm glad to hear that Trinity, her family, and friends were able to share so many wonderful times together, and also that you could be there for Barrett & Mindy for the funeral. I've been thinking about their family recently, and sending good vibes.

Barrett and Mindy Adams said...

Hey Scotty and Kristie! Thanks so much for your sweet blog dedicated to Trinity. It's so hard having her gone...the shock of her death has worn off...the pain of the reality is really difficult (it sucks to put it very nicely). Words can not epress how much you guys mean to us. We love you both so much and miss you guys! Thanks for being there for us, thanks for all you guys did for us when we came to Colorado, and thanks for coming to Trin's funeral!