Friday, October 05, 2007

K-9's for the Cure

Lacey, in her pink sweater that we got her for the days when she is too cold and refuses to go outside. I know... she's covered in fur. Still, with this thing on she will go all the way out to the grass instead of peeing on the porch and running back inside. Anyway, I thought the pink was a good choice for her race pic.

This weekend is the Komen Race for the Cure in Denver.

Kristie, Lacey, and I are going to do the K-9's for the Cure race tomorrow. I'll post pics when we get them. Hopefully Lacey won't mistake "race" for "get tangled up trying to play with all the other dogs."

If you can't race this weekend, you may be in luck, since the races are held at different times in different cities. Go to to see what's coming up close to you. If you want to make a donation, you can do it at

Scroll down and click the "Donate Now" button on the right side of the page.

Wish us luck.


Elena said...

What a great way to have fun and be involved something to help other people. Plus, your doggie will be super stylin'!

Lane is spending his Saturday at work (boo!) which means I'll probably clean house (double boo!)

Enjoy the race!

Paul*HolleeAnn*Jordan said...

ok usually i am 100% against dogs wearing clothes...but Lacey is most def the cutest doggie sweater wearing pooch i have EVER seen! i am in love!

good luck on the race, i think it is really awesome that you guys are doing this! FUN!

banananutmeg said...

do you ever just have a moment where you just feel bad for all the other cancers out there? I mean Breast Cancer gets all this publicity...but what about the guy with tongue cancer? Or elbow cancer...Is there such a thing? Let's see, I DON'T KNOW because elbows aren't as hot as boobs so no one wants to run a 5K to save them.

Nora J. said...

I think it is more because it could randomly affect 50% of the population and is the #2 killer (or close) of women, than because boobs are hot. Actually most of the walkers are women, and the loss of breasts (via masectomy)has issues that go beyond the physical pain. There are emotional and psychological challenges regarding one's identity as a woman, or as beautiful, that make breast cancer especially painful.

I see what you mean, and I know you were bing funny, so dont think I'm being preachy, I just saw this entry while surfing today. But you're right. I bet there are a lot of people that are laying in a hospital bed, wishing the general public cared more about them, and it isn't really fair because they hurt too, but we never hear about that.

That said, I imagine that they are grateful that you are trying to help, even if you aren't helping them, specifically.

No one except Dunder Mifflin races for rabies awareness.

Scott said...

Ok... Thanks. That was a wierd, and nice and strange. And funny? So odd to toss in a joke at the end. I think Nora is cool. I think. Well, at least she cares. I can say that much for sure. I think she didn't realize that Meg had made her point, just in a different way. Oh well. Its a good point.

And Meg, just because your elbows aren't sexy doesn't mean ALL elbows aren't sexy. I happen to think that women who can bend their arms are some of the hottest chicks out there.

banananutmeg said...

As the creator of the #1 doll in America and perfect role model for girls everywhere we have to disagree. We attempted to make Gymnast Barbie in 87 with BENDABLE ARMS and she was by far the least popular Barbie we have ever marketed (aside from Unibomber Bomber Barbie, Carnival Worker Barbie, Hailey Mills Barbie, and Chelsea Clinton Barbie) and since we use the same mold for all the dolls we create we can only conclude that it was Gymnast Barbie bendable arms that made her less hot than her Barbie predecessors.