Thursday, October 25, 2007

California: Take One

We took two trips out to California in less than a month. The first trip was just a chance to get away after Scott finished Comprehensive Studio, which is the hardest class you take in Architecture school. (This is likely all you will hear about it, because there is little to nothing either of us want to remember about it. IT SUCKED).
We got to sneak away to Monterey, which we did a lot when we lived in Gilas, so it was like old times. After some tasty clam chowder at cannery row, we took a drive along the water and through Pebble Beach. We were there during the Classic Car Races, so it was super busy, and we got to see some really nice cars. At one place there were 2 Ferraris, a Rolls Royce, a couple Aston Martins, a Bugatti, 2 Bentleys, a Maybach, plus a Corvette and a Convertible Mercedes parked together in the parking lot. For those of you who don't know, thats like $6 million for 12 or so cars. Crazy. We took a pic with the camera phone, but it was sucky.

The water behind us was a really cool color that we don't remember seeing in Monterey ever before. It was almost turquoise.

Before we left, we took a few pics with Scott's parents. It was fun seeing them, Mark and Melinda's family, and Lamy and her boys. We missed Hollee, Paul and Jordan, though, because Paul was working and Hollee was stuck in Ceres.


TheVasquez3 said...

i am sooooo sad we missed you guys. Jordan was VERY upset about it....and you are right we were "stuck in Ceres" i am STILL stuck in Ceres and i pretty much hate it here...have i mentioned that before?

the water in monterey has been BEAUTIFUL the last few times we have been there too...i also don't remember seeing it so turquoise. Gorgeous!!

Elena said...

What's up with the ocean in Monterey!?!? We move away and it gets this tropical turquoise hue?! Next I'm going to hear how warm the water is there. ;) Glad you enjoyed your getaway.

p.s. I'm really impressed with your continuous posting and photo sharing :)

TheVasquez3 said...

ooops put that in the WRONG spot...

HI!! guess what i tagged you...go read my blog for details...then do your thing!! when you have time!