Thursday, October 04, 2007

Florida Continued

We continue vacation photos from Florida.

This is Mr. Potatohead. He's all hands. I pressed charges.

We drove through a new urbanist community, (that's a fancy architecture term for a new development where everything is built to look extra quaint and perfect. Think Truman Show.) to see what all the hubbub was, and Kristie noticed that we drove by Wisteria Lane. (Just like in Desperate Housewives). The street had perfect little houses with perfect little lawns, and picket fences. I got Kristie to pose as the hot neighbor that moves in and obsesses over her yard, while secretly killing off people, and stealing all the other ladies' husbands.

Considering that both this place and ABC are owned by Disney, it's pretty likely that the set designers were driving through here and decided they liked the name.

Later in our vacation, we went to Kennedy Space Center. You know that one kid from your elementary school that sold the most candy/wrapping paper/ other assorted crap during the annual fundraiser. This is where he got to go. It's also where they launch the space shuttles and all the satellites. Over all, it was nerdy, but super awesome. We definitely think it is worth a day away from all the themeparks. Scott got to ride a Shuttle launch simulator on the first day it opened, and when we got back to Denver, it was on the news here. It was a VERY shaky, loud ride. It made his hearing go all wierd, and his eyes went out of focus.

Why spend 20 bucks on a green screen pic of yourselves in space when photoshop is free?

This is like the second biggest building in the world. Its so big inside that clouds form and it rains in there when its dry outside.

The rocket that they sent to the moon. When the rocket launches, you have to be like 4 miles away or the sound will make you deaf instantly. If you are within like 1.5 miles, it will kill you. Its huge. About 30 ft across and as tall as a 30 story building.

I'm sitting on a (very worn out) sign that says "please to not sit here"

Us, on top of the very windy observation deck. That is the space shuttle and all its assorted buildings and stuff between us. You can only see the tip because they're getting it ready to launch. It's only out there for a month before a launch, so were lucky to see it at all.

A closer view. The red tip is the huge fuel tank, and the shuttle itself is hidden by a massive moving clean room, where they work on the shuttle and keep all kinds of experiments that go on the trip.

These are the type of rockets that Kristie's dad, Jim, used to work on at UTC Pratt-Whitney just south of San Jose. Unfortunately, the one he used to follow here on the trains from San Jose (Titan II) was being refurbished, so we didn't get to see it.

While we were walking around, we saw this alligator, and a huge turtle (top middle).

Here is the Shuttle they let you walk inside of. The flag is backward because the shuttle is on its end when they launch it.

This is what gross pizza looks like in space.

Thanks for sticking it out.


Elena said...

Whoa, Mr. Potatohead really needs to learn to control himself.

I'm so glad you are sharing more about your vacation.

And you are on a total roll - 3 posts in one week!!?!?! Keep it up :)

banananutmeg said...

wow...i had no idea you two had done all this stuff! it kind of makes me feel like a crappy sister, and kind of makes me think you should come visit us next. We don't have any giant space shuttles for you to sit on, but there's a good chance you'll walk into the biggest spider web you've ever seen in your entire life. Not as exciting, but still a good photo op.

Paul*HolleeAnn*Jordan said...

awesome!!! i am so glad you are posting! love the vacation pics. i check your blog like 400 times a day and stopped for one day and LOOK you posted!

is this some sort of weird google analytics game you are playing?!

sheena said...

I'm dying over your pic in outerspace. I love it and might want to print it out. That totally made my day!

Garlic Boy said...

I used to want to be an astronaut but now that I know about the gross pizza, NO WAY.