Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why am I always catching up?

It seems like I am always about 3 months behind on this blog... sorry. I have a lot of pictures I want to post, but they never seem to be where I am when I have time to do this. Meanwhile, Elena, Mego and Hollee are super on top of it.

School ended, started, ended, and has started agian. We went to Florida and California, and I finally finished up the job I had. I'm trying to get the Hollister House finished, and hopefully, I'll be starting a new job soon. Almost all these things will be elaborated on in the next few days. Sorry, again. Hang in there. Oh, and I've made the bed every day for the last two weeks. Without being asked. Who continues to astound his readers with ever increasing levels of adequacity? I think we all know who.



banananutmeg said...

glad to see you found the time to make a new post on your blog, scotty. Also glad to see you didn't just copy one of my posts and paste it on yours. Hope to see more updates on life in colorado soon. Be sure to tell the world about your first Culvers experience so everyone knows i am telling the truth when i talk about how wonderful it is.

Paul*HolleeAnn*Jordan said...

i am also glad you finally posted! and thanks for all of the really funny comments you left on our blog. i think you hit on EVERY post, awesome! i am trying really hard to keep it updated...but yea life gets busy.

i cant wait to see what you do with the package i sent you...i am on pins and needles and will be checking in daily.

Meg, i deleted that post the next day...ummm get can you like get over it now?!

Elena said...

Yay for Scott Updates!! Hope to see some pictures up soon :)

banananutmeg said...

aw, you didn't have you delete your post! 3 of my other readers also copy/pasted my post to their blogs! You are not alone in wanting to co-celebrate Blurkers Day.