Thursday, May 08, 2008

all good things

Good-bye my old job....

Its doubtful anywhere else will have the same penchant for putting a single song or Album on repeat all day the way Studio C does. Some personal favorites... 2+ days of the Charlie Brown Christmas Album
Obscure Culture Club
The Top Gun Soundtrack
Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" all afternoon and the next morning, complete with boss kareoke.

NOWHERE will have a basement quite like Studio C. That perfect mix of Ping Pong Table/ Conference Room/ room with piles and piles of random crap like plastic baby dolls, fake bags of money, a player piano, a ton of old office phones, and lots of places to hit your head/ trip on something.

Its equally doubtful I will ever work somewhere with such wonderful lunchtime excursions. Ho can you go wrong when you have choices like:
Zuni Kitchen
Los Carboncitos
Baby Egg Rolls/ Bun/ Lunch Special (all the same place)
Chinese bakery (Will's Grandma)
Chow Fun
Other Chow Fun
Other Other Chow Fun (that isn't as good)
Super-authentic Korean food (for the company Christmas Dinner)
Dim Sum

Nowhere else will have a fridge so fully stocked with mounds and mounds of string-cheese like studio C. Nowhere else will have such a ready supply of swiss cake rolls, animal crackers, or gross slightly-flavored carbonated water. Nowhere else will have such a rigorously designed coffee maker/ beans/ grinder/ water dispensor setup.

Most of all, though, I will miss that unrepeatable experience of walking around in the basement, and realizing the trap door in the ceiling was directly below my desk.

Studio C was an amalgum of the fascinatingly ingenious, and the amazingly infuriating. I'll go back sometimes I'm sure.... for lunch, mainly.


Mamarazzi said...

hey told me your good news! i am excited to hear all about the new job!

Mamarazzi said...

psssst scotty come see my wordless wednesday...i think you will appreciate it...A LOT!

Clickety Click Here said...

Hey Scott, that is great and awesome news! I hope you have a blast in New Zealand. When I read your blog this is what went through my mind, try clicking where it says "clickety click here".
-Paul "Big Daddy" Vasqueezie

Garlic Boy said...

YES-slightly flavored carbonated water is GROSS!