Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Officialier News

We gots lot going on....

First, Kristie started a new job downtown last week. We are so grateful for this change that has been a long time coming. She is very excited about it so far, and has been able to carpool with our friend and neighbor Aaron a few times. She's working for Biofuel Energy. If you don't know what that is... basically its gas made from corn, and other bio-based materials. When sustainably grown, (on farms that aren't cut out of rainforests like they do in brazil) harvested and processed, it is not super evil. This is a nice bonus, but the biggest bonus is that she will be working a lot closer to me, and we can meet for lunch and stuff.

Second, I got a new job. This one was more of a surprise. Last week I was struggling through a particularly difficult time with a certain someone at my job, when I turn to my computer and saw an email from someone in a studio I was a teaching assistant for in Boulder. They were wondering if I was interested in a position. If you can't tell from my subtle comments... I was definitely interested. The firm is much more established, has a great reputation, and I've thought about applying there a couple of times. Actually, one of their principals has been a guest lecturer in my Professional Practice class the week before... spooky, huh?

Well, I emailed back, and set up an interview, and by friday afternoon, they made me an offer. I am sort of in shock at how fast it went.. I wasn't even looking yet, and a week later I have given my notice at Studio C. Part of me (the part that can ignore the desk by the door) will miss it there. I learned a lot while I was there, and made a few friends. Thanks to Kevin again when he reads this. Keep track of the T-count after I go, and may you stay on Team Indy.

If anyone wants to check out the new places... and As one final bonus... Kristie and I are going to be working even closer to each other than we are now... a short free shuttle ride away.

Third, my birthday came and went. I got a book I wanted (and recommend) called, "101 things I Learned in Architecture School," and my Mom made me a scrapbook with pics and stories that span from when I was cute, to when I was adorable, then on through my ruggedly handsome, stunningly attractive, adequately super sexy, and stone cold studly years, to my present state of "egregiously good-looking." (Special thanks to Meg-o for her help with the scrap bookthe return of my long-stolen blanket that my Grandma made me.)

We got most of our trip this September set up... just two more things to book. All in all, we feel pretty blessed right now. A lot of hard work, struggling and waiting is beginning to pay off. Now we just have to get through this last summer studio...

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Mamarazzi said...

duh i need to read oldest to newest posts...

this sounds awesome. blessed indeed!

congrats to Kristie the belssings are all like totally rolling in!! good for you guys!