Sunday, July 27, 2008

all done

I finished my summer studio on thursday. Our jury went really well, and the comments from the jurors were pretty positive. Thanks to Brydie for being a good partner.

Our project was a series of temporary/ changing structures that could be built in a favela (shantytown) in Rio de Janeiro. The idea was that we could have a positive effect on the community in a way that wouldn't be too heavy-handed (ie: most of what the government has tried to do there in the past). Our proposal was meant to be built by the people who live there over time, and would gradually take ownership of the paths within the favela away from the drug lords that currently control them, and return it to the more positive elements of the community. We proposed systems of activity in four areas (community, culture, education, and commerce) overlayed along the path and designed to occupy the space at different times of the day, as needs change. Ya, it was really complicated, and I'm finding, very difficult to explain without a big presentation.

Anyway, Its done, and with a little luck, so am I.

To catch up:

A special note to congratulate Lane and Elena on the birth of thier daughter, Gabriela. She is super cute, and we're really happy for you. Hopefully, we'll get out to DC to meet her (and sample some her parents' fantastic cooking) sometime soon.

Also, a special thanks to holl for posting the lideshows of our neices and nephews over the last week. That was really cool of you, now if you could just get lamy and josh to post pics from thier trip to Alaska, Mark and Melinda to Post some from Lake Powell, and Mom and Dad to post from Disneyland with Mego and Aaron.... we'll be all set.

Congrats to Mindy on passing her exam. Good luck Barrett.

I've been been out of school for 10 days now, and it has been so refreshing to be home with Kristie and Lacey. We've been having fun being a family, and I'm stating to make some dents in the Honeydo list finally. Last weekend I took all the rocks out of our patio, and put in pavers. More on that later. This week will bring new blinds, and hopefully some progress toward a new coffee table. I'll update with pics in coming posts.

Work for both of us is going well. I am working on a lot of healthcare stuff, right now, and they are starting to keep me busy now that I've been full time for a week. Kristie just found out that her group is hiring another person so they wont have more 12 day weeks like the one she just finished. We have been carpooling more, together with our neighbor, Aaron. Today it was just us, which was especially good.

We'll be carpooling a lot more in the coming weeks, with the Democratic National Convention coming to town. I work right across from the Pepsi Center, and my normal parking lot is going to be the convention headquarters for Fox News or NBC, I can't remember which. My boss was in the paper last Sunday talking about our offics plans for the convention, because we are so close. Here is the link to the story, (btw, I work at BWG.)

I have no idea how I will actually get to work, because all the roads around us will be closed off, and the police barrier starts literally 15 feet from my desk. Hopefully it will be such a hassle on the first day that they'll just let us work from home for the rest of the convention.

In other work news... They just hired a receptionist that is a dead ringer for Shannon Sefton.

All in all life is good. To those who responded to my from you to me... thanks. My replies are being compiled, and will be arriving shortly. To those who are still reading... More stuff you should know is also on its way.

This was not the best post. Second best maybe, but I shoot for the top, and in reading back what is above, this is not the mind-bogglingly high standard of excellence I usually exceed. Lo siento.


Mamarazzi said...

thanks for the shout out and the update. it's nice to know what y'all have been up to...

the whole time i was in Hollister last week we ALL kept saying we wish you and Kristie had been there. Karaoke with mom and dad was pretty funny. i have a little video of dad rocking out that is priceless.

i have a super bad cold and i am totally behind on my blogging but hang tight...good stuff to come soon!

Elena said...

Yay for being all done with school and thanks for the shout out. We'd be happy to cook for you any time you'd like to visit!!!!

Big Daddy said...

Hey Scott...Man, we sure missed you this past visit to Hollister. We had a blast at your mom's retirement party and the following Karaoke party. While it was super duper awesome, it would have been way more super-dee-duper had you been there (Kristie too). We really miss you guys. I hope we see you guys soon.
Paul "Big Daddy"

banananutmeg said...

hey...I have paver-questions. post pics soon please!
congrats on possibly being done with school FOR-EV-ER.

Barrett, Mindy, and Angel Trinity Adams said...

So I'm gonna pull over Tyler Larson, you will be working with Shannon Sefton, you'll be eating fab food in DC with a new Grover baby, and hopefully working from home due to all those annoying Democrates...LOL...tell Kristie I'm kidding!!! Love ya tons Scotty! Thanks for the congrats! I'm waiting to hear how I did in my interview with the Oral Board. I'll keep you posted. Love you guys!

Barrett, Mindy, and Angel Trinity Adams said...

p.s. CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING!!! I can't wait to see the "Honey-do list" of projects go underway...that's awesome!

Garlic Boy said...

Hi, Scott.