Sunday, July 13, 2008

dim sum

This is for meg-o and anyone else who doesn't know what dim sum is:

I should have explained a bit. Dim Sum is Chinese food. Its like spanish tapas in that the appetizers are the meal. The food is USUALLY served from carts that are wheeled around the restaurant from table to table. The server opens the cart and shows you the different dishes, and you pick which ones you want to try. They stamp your sheet with what you got, and then tally it up at the end to give you your bill. Potstickers are dim sum. So are bbq pork bun (bao), chinese spare ribs, and fried wontons.

If you are considering going, here is some stuff I really like (you might have to save the picture to read the text. Sorry.):


banananutmeg said...

still can't read the text...but the diagram/pictures look a very similar to the monocot vs dicot charts in my biology textbooks. I'll take your word for it that dim sum is tasty stuff, but will probably never eat there because I'm too cheap to not know how much my food is going to cost before I eat it.

Barrett, Mindy, and Angel Trinity Adams said...

Oh, Dim Sum is gooooood!!!